'How To Start' Sports Betting with Prime Sports Consulting ® + Beginners Answers

Step 1. Sign up & create an account on bookmaker.eu & deposit at least $250 into your account, but the more you deposit the more you will make & the better it will be. If Bookmaker doesn't work in your location, sign up on sportsbetting.ag. 

Step 2. Next, choose any package you'd like to join. (Fall System Package is HIGHLY Recommended as it is our most profitable). If you need to work your way up to the Fall System Package, then I recommend you start with the Exclusive Plays. You will then be directed on how to purchase. Once Package has been purchased, (leave email address in description) the plays will be sent immediately to your inbox. 

Step 3. Once you have the plays, login into your sports betting account on either Bookmaker.eu or Sportsbetting.ag & place the bets — once the games finish, you will get paid INSTANTLY to your account. Rinse & repeat and #BuildThatBank on the daily. The results with us will have you "MIND-BLOWN". 

Step 4. Now select a package and start making money!


NOTE: All the profits are 100% yours. If you never placed a wager before you can call up the customer service # to your online book and they will assist you placing bets over the phone. I have had many beginners and even females do this simple process with so much success. Also for terminology use "google" which works very well. If you have any questions for PrimeSportsConsulting ® — email support at pro.sports.consultant@gmail.com.